M.S. in Nutritional Science

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The courses and programs in nutrition and food sciences have emerged from and are integrated with the physical and life sciences. The natural resource of food is studied as it exists in nature, is consumed and utilized, and is made available to consumers. The science of nutrition is concerned with the ingestion and utilization of food for the purposes of survival, prevention of disease, and the promotion of positive health. Courses for non-majors, as well as majors, are offered in order to facilitate optimal lifetime nutritional status.

The Department of Nutrition and Food Science is an integral unit of the College of Natural Sciences at California State University, Chico, and, in accord with the vision of the University we aim to create vital and collaborative learning experiences for students, who will appreciate and embrace the local, regional, and global communities of which we are all a part.  The Department of Nutrition and Food Science further subscribes to the University's commitment to serving the North State community.

The mission of the Department of Nutrition and Food Science at California State University, Chico is to provide students with a broad educational background in the science of food and nutrition and foodservice management. Non-major students will gain an understanding of the role food plays in disease prevention and promotion of health.  The BS and MS degrees offered by the department will prepare students to apply their knowledge and skills to become competent and productive nutrition, food science, and foodservice management professionals.