NFSC Scholarships/Awards

There are 8 scholarships/awards available for undergraduate/graduate students in Nutrition and Food Sciences.

  1. The Angela Nuzum Memorial Scholarship. Must be an undergraduate in good standing with financial need and be active in major. ($200)
  2. North Valley Dietetic Association (NVDA) Scholarship. Must be a senior or graduate student and show commitment to the field of dietetics. ($300)

  3. Luella Hopton Madsen Scholarship. Must be an undergraduate and a high school graduate of a school located in Butte County or surrounding county. ($1,300)

  4. Doris Woods Lynch Scholarship. Must be a junior or senior in good standing with financial need. (available alternating years) ($750)

  5. Florence Ritchie Scholarship. Must be a junior or senior in good standing and demonstrate commitment to the field. ($1,000)

  6. NFSC Alumni + Friends Award. Must be active in the major. ($300)

  7. Healthy Futures Nutrition Scholarship. Must be undergraduate or graduate student in major. Strong preference for first-generation college student. ($500)

  8. The Dr. Faye Dietetic Internship Scholarship. The Dr. Faye Dietetic Internship Award was established to honor her for her many contributions and outstanding leadership in the field of dietetics. It is her wish to acknowledge and encourage those students who have chosen internships that reflect their most passionate interests in the field. ($1,000)

For the scholarships listed above (except #8), please complete an on-line available at