North State

Standing on the newly renovated campus First Street Promenade is like having one foot in the past and the other in the future as students with smartphones bustle past the Trinity bell tower—an architectural marvel from the 1920s.  Many of our North State activities continue this theme. While our Forensic Recovery Team delves into past events, the Center for Water and the Environment seeks to protect future ones.

We want North State residents to experience the University’s reach—be it past or future—while standing on the First Street Promenade, or anywhere in the North State. We take this regional responsibility very seriously.

The range of activities, programs, and services Chico State offers to the North State is broad. We serve youths, seniors, historians, and many more. We provide environmental stewardship. We provide news and entertainment through radio and live performances. We offer professional training in a variety of disciplines.

In his spring 2012 address to the campus community, President Paul Zingg affirmed that “no story rings more true; no story connects more powerfully the work of faculty, staff and students together … than the story of our service to our city, region, state and, even, beyond.”

This North State Initiative (NSI) website shows many programs and activities that serve our region. Some occur on the Chico State campus. Others happen in North State communities. We want ongoing communication with our neighbors, and we hope this website is one part of the dialogue.

Our Service Area

Map of Chico State Service Area

How to Use This Feature

Information on programs, services and activities that connect the University with our North State neighbors is available by clicking on the Activities and Programs link. From there you will find several options to view the entries:

  • Select a county to see all the entries for this county.
  • Select a category to see entries for all counties in this category.