Faculty and Staff Directory

Our dedicated faculty and staff are the reason the College of Natural Sciences has distinguished itself as one of the best in the CSU system. Our faculty truly embody the essence of the natural sciences — the pursuit of scientific knowledge. They continue a tradition of excellence in instruction and research. In the past year, our national and international scholars worked on almost $10.5 million in research projects, published more than 120 articles, proceedings and abstracts, and gave 160 professional presentations. Moreover, against the backdrop of our cutting-edge research, we never forget that our primary responsibility is to our students. In addition to receiving excellent classroom instruction, in the past year, nearly 40 percent of our students were involved in out-of-the-classroom learning experiences including field and laboratory research, internships, and community service learning.

College Staff

David Hassenzahl
Phone: 530-898-6121
Building: HOLT, Room 285 B

Randy Miller
Interim Associate Dean
Phone: 530-898-3511
Building: HOLT, Room 281 A

Jeff Bell
Assistant Dean
Phone: 530-898-5371
Building: HOLT, Room 216

Patti Salomon
Administrative Analyst/Specialist
Phone: 530-898-3488
Building: HOLT, Room 283 A
e-mail: psalomon@csuchico.edu

Mary Brownell
Administrative Support Coordinator
College Office
Phone: 530-898-3489
Building: HOLT, Room 285 A
e-mail: mabrownell@csuchico.edu

Catherine Wiggins
Administrative Support Coordinator
College Office
Phone: 530-898-4466
Building: HOLT, Room 283
e-mail: crwiggins@csuchico.edu

Rosio Huizar
Administrative Support Assistant
College Office
Phone: 530-898-6121
Building: HOLT, Room 285
e-mail: rhuizar@csuchico.edu

Jaydie Lee
Equipment Technician
Phone: 530-898-6239
Building: PHYS, Room 102
e-mail: jilee@csuchico.edu

Margaret Schmidt
Director of Advancement
Advancement Office
Phone: 530-898-3478
Building: HOLT, Room 281
e-mail: meschmidt@csuchico.edu

Jennifer Rotnem
Director of Environmental Programs
Phone: 530-898-5205
Building: HOLT, Room 138
e-mail: jrotnem@csuchico.edu

Brandi Aranguren
Director Center for Mathematics and Science Education
Phone: 530-898-4322
Building: HOLT, Room 101

Renee Renner
Gateway Science Museum
Phone: 530-898-4121
Building: Gateway Science Museum, 625 Esplanade
e-mail: rrenner@csuchico.edu

Lori Rice 
Administrative Support
Gateway Science Museum
Phone: 530-898-4121
Building: Gateway Science Museum, 625 Esplanade
e-mail: lmrice@csuchico.edu

Cindy Wolff
Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion
Phone: 530-898-5258
Building: 25MST, Room 101A
e-mail: cwolff@csuchico.edu

Becky Damazo
Director Rural SimCenter
Phone: 530-332-5091
Building: SimCenter, 560 Cohasset Road
e-mail: bdamazo@csuchico.edu

Faculty Directories By Department

Biological Sciences
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Geological and Environmental Sciences
Mathematics and Statistics
Nutrition and Food Sciences
School of Nursing
Science Education