Give to the College

With Your Support We Can Build the Future

Today you have an opportunity to make a difference in the education of our future teachers in science and mathematics, environmentalists, and researchers. The College of Natural Sciences offers pre-professional programs to prepare students for further education in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, and dental hygiene, and to provide the background necessary for admission to specific graduate programs at this or other institutions of higher education. The College is also committed to working with our K-12 partners to provide a seamless education; working with teachers and students is a high priority.

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Opportunities for giving to the College of Natural Sciences are almost unlimited. A gift may be large or small, unrestricted in purpose for the College of Natural Sciences, or specifically designated to a department or program. You may also designate a gift for a specific use, such as equipment, scholarships, or student and faculty research. In addition, many companies offer matching gift contribution programs for employees — doubling the size of gifts to the college.

Gifts to an Endowment Fund

An endowment is a permanent fund that is established within the University Foundation and designated for a specific purpose. These accounts can be for scholarships, a program within the college, perpetual funding for the chair of a department, or for any number of other purposes. Endowing a fund requires a minimum dollar contribution, which is invested for a year under the direction of the foundation. After the initial year of growth, a set percentage of the average annual balance is available to be awarded. The funds grow at a faster rate than the amount awarded, making this truly a gift in perpetuity.

Gifts to the Annual Fund

The College of Natural Sciences and each department and program has an annual fund account. A gift to an annual fund account is for the unrestricted use of that area; it may be used whenever and wherever needed to maintain a strong and balanced educational program. Such gifts may serve at one time, for example, to augment part-time faculty or to provide scholarships, and at another time to rehabilitate a lab or a classroom, or to meet many of the other needs continually confronting the college and its programs.

Gifts of Equipment

One of our college's greatest challenges is to remain current with ever-changing advances in technology. This is an area where alumni, parents, and friends can be especially helpful. Gifts designated to purchase equipment will help us meet this challenge. We have also found much support from our friends in industry; often they are able to secure gifts of used equipment from the corporations for whom they work.

Planned Gifts

There are a variety of strategies available that allow the donor to minimize taxes or increase income. At the same time, donations provide significant help to the College of Natural Sciences' students and academic programs. Donors can select from the following benefits:

  • Income-tax savings through the charitable deduction for the value of the gift
  • Avoidance of the capital-gain tax on long-term capital-gain property
  • Retained income rights for the life of the donor and/or other beneficiaries
  • The possibility of increased spendable income with certain arrangements
  • Elimination of federal estate tax on the value of the interest in property — passing to charity upon the donor's death
  • Reduced estate settlement costs

Contact the Advancement Office at 530-898-4466 to get more information on planned gifts.

Click here to donate on-line or download this mail-in form (.pdf)