2016 - 2017 Outstanding Staff Award

The College of Natural Sciences has awarded Clare Clifford the 2016-2017 Outstanding Staff Award. 

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Past Recipients 

2015 - 2016 - Betsey Tamietti 

Starting in 2005, Betsey has been working with the Biological Sciences department, as the third floor stockroom media tech. In 2012, she completed her Master’s degree. The title of her thesis was, “Distribution and Conservation of Reduced P Metabolism Operons in Bacteria”.

Betsey preps all microbiology courses and upper division cell and molecular biology courses. Over the last several years the number of micro majors has increased by 50% while the cell/molec majors has increased by over 100%, leading to her having to prep 10 to 15 more sections a year. She has also had to keep up with changes in technology and new types of experiments, while also supporting three new faculty and helping them with their start-up funds. Betsey was also the 2014 recipient of the Regas Award for her efforts in replacing a -80 freezer. Despite the large expansion in her workload, she has remained calm and helpful to faculty and students. This over-the–top effort to help faculty and students succeed is the reason Betsey has been chosen for this award.

2014 - 2015 - Lisa Washburn

Lisa first started working for Chico State in 1985, where she spent her first four years in the nursing and education departments. She then found her home in the College of Natural Sciences as the ASC for physics, where she has worked for most of her career. In 2012 she transitioned into the ASC position for the department of mathematics and statistics where she works today. Lisa has established herself as one of the most competent and knowledgeable ASC's in the university. Lisa is a tireless worker and always ensures that her office is running efficiently, smoothly, and joyously. She has also served on numerous department, college, and university committees.