Appointment of the Science Director for the Center of Water and the Environment

Dr. Eric Houk, Associate Professor Agricultural Business

The College of Natural Sciences is pleased to announce the appointment of Eric Houk as the Science Director for the Center for Water and the Environment (CWE).  Dr. Houk has compiled an impressive record of externally funded research and scholarship relating to water and the environment for the past 15 years.  He has examined the economic impacts of water transfers from agriculture for endangered species preservation; the effects of irrigation-induced waterlogging and soil salinization; the impact of water conservation efforts on residential water demand and the impact of water transfers in Butte County.  We are truly fortunate to have Dr. Houk to provide leadership for the Center going forward.  Because of the importance and interdisciplinary nature of CWE’s research efforts, the Science Director position is now being supported collectively by the Colleges of Agriculture, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Engineering, and Natural Sciences.  Please join us in recognizing Dr. Houk’s accomplishments and appointment as CWE Science Director.