Center for Water and the Environment - CWE

CWEThe Center for Ecosystem Research (CER) has been approved by Academic Senate to change its name to the Center for Water and the Environment (CWE). CWE better reflects the research activities of the center's faculty and students and broadens its focus to include faculty and students from across campus. The changes are effective as of May 2012.Center for Water and the Environment.

CWE is the CSU, Chico hub for research and education activities related to water and environment.  CWE connects people from diverse fields across the University as well as outside the University.

Aquatic Bioassessment Lab (ABL) 

ABL is part of a statewide initiative using abundance and distribution of aquatic macro-invertebrates as a bio-indicator of habitat quality in aquatic systems.

Water Conservation

As the world’s population continues to increase our dependence upon irrigated agriculture grows.

Sacramento River Valley Research Team

Little is known about the vulnerability and resilience of society, the economy, and the environment in the Sacramento River Valley.  As well as Conservation in Papua New Guinea, Costa Rica Volcanos, Climate Change and Plant Reproduction, Life History of Galling Aphids, Biodiesel, and Conservation Dilemma of Introduced Endangered Species, are some of the ongoing Research Initiatives at CWE.  To learn more please visit