Facts & Highlights

We have excellent placement rates for our graduating biologists, chemists, environmental scientists, geologists, mathematicians, nurses, nutritionists, physicists, and statisticians. We also have several programs designed to address the chronic need for high school science and mathematics teachers.

Our Students

  • We teach approximately 2,600 students each semester and have approximately 2,000 majors.
  • Most major courses have small class sizes, allowing us to give our majors personal attention. Our students consistently report that accessibility of our faculty members is one of the most notable strengths of our programs.
  • Nearly 40 percent of our students are involved in out-of-the-classroom learning experiences, which include independent field and laboratory research, internships, and community service learning.
  • We are able to provide financial support for many of our students through student employment and scholarship opportunities only available to Natural Sciences students.
  • Each of our programs offers at least one discipline-based student organization. Our student organizations sponsor a variety of social, scholarly, and service events. We currently have 13 clubs in our College.

Our Faculty

  • We have approximately 2186 faculty members, many of whom are nationally or internationally recognized scholars. In the past year, our faculty members have:
    • been involved in current research projects involving over $10.5 million in funding
    • published over 120 articles, proceedings and abstracts
    • made over 160 professional presentations
  • Our faculty members have a fantastic record of success in securing research funding from State and Local Sources, and from Federal Sources, such as the National Science Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency, National Institute of Health, Department of Energy, and the National Forest Service.
  • Many of our faculty members are involved in our extensive K-12 science and mathematics education outreach efforts.
  • We have extensive faculty and student involvement in addressing environmental, education, and health related concerns.
  • Against the backdrop of our outstanding professional scholarship, we never forget that our primary responsibility is to our students. Whenever possible, we include students in our scholarly and service activities.

For More Information

  • Twenty Reasons (.pdf) to Major in Math or Science at Chico State.
  • Send an email with your request to ns@csuchico.edu.
  • Arrange a tour of our facilities by contacting the Dean's Office, ns@csuchico.edu or call 530-898-6121 or one of our program offices.