Kristen Gorman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences 

Kristen Fay Gorman, Assistant Professor in Biological Sciences, specializes in genetically caused spinal curvatures, especially idiopathic scoliosis (IS). Her current research goals are to understand causative and progressive factors for IS. During her doctoral studies (under supervision of Dr. Felix Breden at Simon Fraser University), she applied small laboratory fish to spinal studies to develop the first genetic animal models for IS. Dr. Gorman was awarded a fellowship for excellence in musculoskeletal research at Sainte Justine Children’s Hospital in Montreal, a leading institute for IS clinical, engineering, and basic science innovations. In this multidisciplinary environment she worked with IS clinical data, patient genomic data, and bone cells from patient spines. These studies, in combination with studies in fish, have encouraged some exciting insights into the biology of IS. Besides research, Kristen is interested in innovative approaches to learning and teaching. At California State University, Chico, Kristen looks forward applying active and cooperative learning practices and will incorporate her research expertise into the curriculum. The Gorman laboratory will focus on defining the genetic and cellular physiology of idiopathic spinal curvatures.