CER becomes CWE


The Center for Ecosystem Research (CER) has a new name; Center for Water and the Environment (CWE)

The new name reflects the continued goal of the Center to foster interdisciplinary collaborations on a broad array of issues, but more accurately highlights the Center’s current direction emphasizing the critical role that water plays in the economy and ecology of the North State. CWE also elevates the existing Center’s mission from a college level collaboration to a campus wide commitment with a vision of fulfilling the University’s Strategic Priorities. As CWE, the Center will continue to develop connections with water and environmental agencies and actively engage in critical statewide initiatives and CSU System-level programs such as WRPI and COAST.

The Center will continue to be comprised of a community of scientists engaged in collaborative research on water, ecology, the environment, and energy and include faculty from departments and colleges across the University. Currently, faculty from multiple disciplines across campus investigate complex topics from different perspectives- the natural sciences, economics, social sciences, geography, agriculture, and engineering. Research groups will be organized within the Center (both existing and proposed) to include the Sacramento River watershed, oceans, aquatic environments, Tuscan Aquifer, mine reclamation, conservation ecology, climate & atmosphere, and energy.  

To showcase CWE across the campus in the fall, the Center will host faculty forums and extend invitations to all interested University faculty and staff to become involved with the Center. The Center’s mission and goals, the Faculty Board (the governing body) and the Advisory Committee will be revisited and revised to reflect the expanded, interdisciplinary and cross-campus focus of the Center.