Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Dr. Thomas Mattman 

Tmattman Seen here with daughter Saya, wife Shigemi and President Zingg, at a surprise classroom visit.  Among Dr. Thomas Mattman’s many achievements and contributions, one area stands out in distinguishing Thomas as one of the most outstanding faculty members ever in the Math Department at Chico State.  He has had an indescribable impact on our students.  Thomas almost single-handedly put us on the map as the place to go for undergraduate research.  Moreover, this mentorship has extended to several of our newer and existing faculty, bringing them on board with our NSF funded summer research programs and joining him in obtaining significant student outcomes from mentoring our majors through out the year. 

Thanks to Thomas’ dedication, we have gone from having an occasional student research project, maybe 1 per year prior to 2004, to now having 10 or more students being mentored with 1 or 2 student-authored publications and a handful of presentations every year.  Due to this success and the support of our alumni donations, the department now has an annual Mathematics Summer Research Institute (MSRI), where we’ve awarded two outstanding students summer stipends to conduct an intensive 4 – 6 week research agenda.  It’s a very exciting time in our department and we can thank Thomas for bringing us to this level of success. More details about Thomas and our undergraduate research efforts can be found at