Department of Biology

16th Annual Biology Poster Symposium and Awards Ceremony

On Friday, May 11, the Biology Department had its 16th Annual Poster Symposium and Awards Ceremony. The Poster Symposium is a celebration and demonstration of the many student research efforts that take place over the year. This year, there were 111 posters presented in five different rooms in Holt Hall. 38 of the posters were lower-division class projects with over 150 student authors, primarily from our BIOL 152 course. There were also 33 upper-division class projects with over 100 student authors. In addition to the class projects there were also 6 posters on research done by students doing independent research with a faculty member. The graduate students were also represented, with 12 graduate class projects and 22 graduate thesis research posters. The poster symposium was followed by an awards ceremony were the authors of the best posters in each category, along with the best overall poster were awarded cash prices of up to $500.