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Before you apply, you must have:

  1. Access to a computer with a high speed internet connection

  2. Computer capabilities as noted on page 2 of the application 

  3. An active California RN license

  4. A passionate desire to return to the nursing profession

The RN Refresher Program is self-paced.  Most of it can be completed online in the comfort of your home (approximately 5-10 hours per week) over a 16-week period.

Download application here: Application - Spring 2015

Our curriculum is designed to assure success for nurses who have been away from the hospital. Nurses who have stepped out of the action for a few years may be intimidated by the electronic medical records, medication dispensing systems, digital monitors and sophisticated patient acuity systems. 

The elements of our program that will develop confidence and competence for the returning nurse are:

  • Online Modules that cover everything from basic skills refreshers to pharmacology. These modules can be done at your own pace. If you are having problems with skills or concepts, your faculty will guide you through the rough spots. In areas where you have proficiency, you can zoom ahead to the areas where you need additional practice and support.

  • Skills Practice Sessions at our state-of-the-art Simulation Center, located here in Chico. If you've been away from the classroom for a few years, you may not be familiar with the capabilities of human patient simulators. This amazing technology allows instructors to create a hospital setting with computerized patient mannequins that provide a true sense of practice reality.

    You will be able to practice all your skills and test your capabilities with close faculty supervision. You will be able to utilize modern medication dispensing systems, practice recording patient care using electronic medical records and have hands-on practice with modern medical equipment. With our hi-tech mannequins, you can insert tubes, run patient codes, start lines and provide care all in a 21st century practice setting. You can have the time to practice skills until you feel proficient.

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Optional Preceptored Clinical Experience

Following completion of the Refresher Course, you may elect to add a preceptored clinical experience for an additional $900. Preceptorships are available in small rural hospitals in the Northern California area. You will expand your confidence and competence by working side-by-side with a nursing preceptor. 

For more information, see the Rural California Nursing Preceptorship program at http://www.csuchico.edu/rcnp/

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For more information on the Refresher Course, contact the program instructor, Jean Shackelford, ashackelford@csuchico.edu

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