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The Rural Northern California Clinical Simulation Center

560 Cohasset Road
Chico, CA 95926

Phone: (530) 332-5091
Fax: 530-332-5093


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SimCenter Staff

Becky Damazo, RN, PNP,
SimCenter Director

Betsy Voelker, BA, CHSE Simulation Technology & Operations Specialist

Sherry Fox, RN, CHSE, PhD
Simulation Nurse Educator and Research Advisor



Meet the Simulators!

SimMan 3G



HAL-1 year old

HAL-5 year old

Adult HAL

Victoria Birthing Simulator

Newborn Infant HAL

Premie Infant HAL

Nursing Kid

Nursing Baby



Simulation educators should make an appointment to become familiar with simulators and inventory at the simulation center.


"Increasing Patient Safety Through Improved Clinical Proficiency and Teamwork"


Equipment & Facilities at the Rural SimCenter


Students & Professionals use real equipment in their case scenarios. It is important that the gain confidence using real equipment in real time so they can develop skills for use in clinical practice.



The facility houses seven mock patient rooms with adult and pediatric human patient simulators, two birthing simulators and and three infant simulators. We also have a home visit room. We also work with live patient actors that add reality to our simulation scenarios.


There is a nursing station that is fully equipped to allow real life scenarios and allow practice of team skills. The facility is fully integrated with audio/visual equipment to allow digital recording of simulations for debriefing and future review and refinement.

There is a control center which overlooks the main simulation center. Up to 4 areas can be controlled at one time making it possible to run multiple scenarios simultaneously.

There are two conference rooms with full visual capabilities that allow non-participants to view scenarios and critique participants. The conference rooms can accommodate up to 20 people.


student and simman

High-fidelity Simulators: The center houses a family of high fidelity simulators with lifelike capabilities. The simulators are listed to the left in the sidebar. We have simulators from the main simulator manufacturing companies.

Low-fidelity Simulators: Not all educational activities require the high tech features available on our high fidelity simulators. We have several low fidelity mannequins to assist training needs.

Task Trainers: CPR mannequins, airway heads and IV arms area available for task training.

Medications, IV supplies and other equipment:

spacestudents and meddispense

The center is equipped with (mock) medications, IV supplies and other equipment such as chest tubes, crash carts and other items that make simulations real! Please be sure you request the equipment necessary to accomplish your learning goals. If you have specialized equipment needs, please check to make sure the items are available.

If you plan to use the med-dispense system or EMR workspaces, schedule an orientation to the equipment and software.


Enloe Medical Center provides the necessary physical space to house the simulation center. The Enloe Medical Center's Cohasset campus is an ideal site. This location has easy freeway access and ample parking to accommodate individuals and groups wishing to utilize the facility.

The simulation space is ideal because it is a 4000 square foot former hospital space which includes 2 medical-surgical hospital patient rooms, an operating/trauma room, pre-op/post op area, a neonatal intensive care space and a delivery room.

Our space also includes a nursing station, a media operation center and 2 conference rooms or debriefing areas that can be used simultaneously as well as equipment storage space. We also have a computer lab that can be used by reservation.

conference room


Enloe Medical Center currently provides round the clock campus security. The Simulation Center has the same security as the overall hospital plant. Computer equipment that is required to operate the hi-fidelity patient simulators is secured with security cables and locked patient rooms. Video surveillance is present 24 hours a day.


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