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The Rural Northern California Clinical Simulation Center

560 Cohasset Road
Chico, CA 95926

Phone: (530) 332-5091
Fax: 530-332-5093


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SimCenter Staff

Becky Damazo, RN, PNP, CHSE, MSN
SimCenter Director

Betsy Voelker, BA, CHSE Simulation Technology & Operations Specialist

Sherry Fox, RN, CHSE, PhD
Simulation Educator





The SimCenter is open from 7am until 7pm Monday to Friday.


"Increasing Patient Safety Through Improved Clinical Proficiency and Teamwork"


The Simulation Center Staff


Becky Damazo RN, MSN is the Simulation Center Director. As Director Becky provides leadership for the Rural Simulation Center and is responsible for the policies and activities at the Center. Becky is a Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator.

Sherry Fox RN, Ph.D. is the former Director of the Simulation Center. Sherry continues to oversees simulation center grants and budgets. Sherry is a Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator.

Betsy Voelker is the Simulation Center Technology and Operations Specialist. Betsy oversees operations at the SimCenter. She manages information and records for students, faculty, volunteers and our family of mannequins at the center and provides support to the simulation Director. Betsy is a Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator.

David Damazo, MD is the Simulation Center's medical Consultant. Dr. Damazo reviews case scenarios and works with educators to assist in team training activities.


Become a Simulation Educator

Each of the Simulation Center Partners has staff who have developed the skills to plan and program simulation scenarios. The Simulation Specialist will work with agency staff and individuals to assure a productive educational experience.

If you would like to become a simulation educator please check the events page.

The Simulation Technologist is only available 28 hours per week. To schedule time please check the calendar for availability and request time using the reservation request form.  Both of these links are available by clicking the tabs at the top of this page.

If you have special needs for weekends or other times the SimCenter may not be open, please contact the SimCenter staff to discuss the options.


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