School of Nursing - CSU, Chico

CHN Preceptor Information

Welcome to the Preceptor Guide for Community Health Nursing Clinical Practicum. Our goal is to provide students with the best possible learning opportunities, and we welcome and most gratefully appreciate the help of community health and public health nurses who are willing to serve as preceptors to our baccalaureate nursing students.

As a preceptor, we know you would like to have information about our program. We know you may have questions about your role as a preceptor. We will provide you with course information, objectives, and always be available to answer questions. Students participating in this clinical experience are in the final semester of their nursing education. We have encouraged students to participate in as many activities as possible while at your facility. I know the students would appreciate your ideas for learning.

The School of Nursing home page provides general information about the nursing program. Of particular interest to preceptors is the "Current Student Information" section, which contains the student guidelines. The "Student Guidelines" explain all the policies and procedures applying to the students in the clinical settings. The purpose and philosophy of the School of Nursing are articulated in this section.

Important Information