School of Nursing - CSU, Chico

Information Competency

The School of Nursing faculty recognize that students are faced with diverse, abundant information choices--in their academic studies, in the workplace, and in their personal lives. Information is available through libraries, community resources, special interest organizations, media, and the Internet, — and increasingly, information comes to individuals in unfiltered formats, raising questions about its authenticity, validity, and reliability. The sheer abundance of information will not in itself create a more informed citizenry without a complementary cluster of abilities necessary to use information effectively. Information literacy is a set of abilities requiring individuals to "recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information." An information literate individual is able to

From the California State University: Information Literacy Fact Sheet, October 2, 2000.

Because of the committment to information competency, faculty have developed a number of opportunities for students toacquire necessary information literacy skills through workshops, workbooks, computer tutorials, classroom instruction, and projects.