Rebekah Damazo

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Office: Holt 314
Phone: 530-898-4422
Office Hours: Tu 9:00 - 1:00 and by appointment *

Rebekka Domazo Diving

Courses Taught

  • Foundations of Public Health Nursing (NURS 472)
  • Community Health Nursing Clinical Practicum (NURS 474)
  • Women's Health Issues (NURS 368)


Local, national and international background experience in health care delivery and health education:

  • Created a service oriented clinical program, where student nurses are able to participate in community health programs and services, which has increased the capacity of many public and private agencies in a 5 county area.
  • Developed a student nursing outreach program to provide limited health services to the homeless of Chico through the local Jesus Center.
  • Developed and served as the Director of Nurses for 2 thriving home health agencies in the Chico area.
  • Developed a village outreach program to provide health care, including health promotion and prevention for women and children in isolated villages in Phuket, Thailand. 
  • Provided health care to the Karin children along the Burmese border and to residents of remote villages in Nepal.
  • Worked to provide health care access for black children in the rural Mississippi delta; to children of coal miners and mill workers in the mountain regions of Pennsylvania; and to children of migrant workers and refugees in many areas of California.
  • Virtually all clinical experience has been involved in bringing care to under-served and disenfranchised individuals, primarily women and children.

Research Interests


  • Sigma Theta Tau, International Pinnacle Award for Technology, 2004
  • Professional Achievement Honor
  • Loma Linda University, School of Nursing, Alumni Association Honor


  • Sailing in Greece
  • Costa Rica
  • Pink Palace, Argentina
  •  Fiji

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