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Gayle Kipnis

Assistant Professor

Office: Holt 312
Phone: 530-898-5618
Office Hours: Wednesday 8-8:45am & Thursday 12-1:30pm

Kipnis.G K. grad
2013 - Gayle Kipnis
June 2012 - Gayle graduates from UCSF with her PhD in Nursing
June 2011 - Gayle and her three children; Russell, Hana, & Evan


I teach maternal-child nursing and nursing research at CSU Chico and absolutely love my students! I feel that my role is to support learning and encourage success. I am proud to say that our students are academically strong, very determined, and extremely focused on their study of nursing.

I started teaching at CSU Chico in 2011 while I finished my PhD so I have been a student very recently.  I am very grateful to the Betty Irene Moore Foundation for their fellowship that paid my tuition, living expenses, and dissertation research costs during my four years at the University of California San Francisco.

Nursing has been my passion for 40 years! I have worked clinically in ICU/CCU, ED, Med-Surg, Home Health, Obstetrics, and Pediatrics in both California and Arizona. I have held a teaching credential since 1980 and have taught nursing in hospitals, colleges, and universities. I love to collaborate and conduct research as well!

February 2013 - Gayle teaches a Labor Support Seminar as a guest lecturer to nursing students at Sierra College, Roseville, CA April 2013 - Gayle presents her dissertation research titled, "Effects of Altitude on Sleep During Late Pregnancy" at the WIN conference

Research Interests

My dissertation research explored pregnant women living at moderate altitude and how their sleep affects how they labor and deliver. My home for the previous 15 years was in Flagstaff, Arizona, elevation 7000 ft., where I was able to conduct my research in the same Labor & Delivery unit that I worked in for over 10 years. I am intrigued by the effects of altitude on pregnant women and newborns. Other research interests include postpartum depression, labor support, holistic nursing, and safety.


Kipnis, G. (2013). Knowledge Gained from a Labor Support Seminar, International Journal of Childbirth Education. 28 (2): 69-72.

Smith, T., Kipnis, G. (2012). Implementing a Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program, The American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing. 37(2): 80-85.

Kipnis, G., (2011). Baccalaureate Nursing Students Learn Labor Support through Customized Childbirth Education, International Journal of Childbirth Education. 26 (4): 56-59.

Beckett, C., Kipnis, G. (2009). Collaborative communication: Integrating SBAR to Improve Quality/Patient Safety Outcomes, Journal of Healthcare Quality. 31(5): 19-28.


Western Institute of Nursing National Research Conference, podium presentation, “Effects of Altitude & Sleep on Perinatal Outcomes,”Anaheim, CA
Sigma Theta Tau, Kappa Omicron Chapter, podium presentation, "The Effects of Altitude on Sleep in Late Pregnancy," Chico, CA
Elsevier Faculty Development National Conference, poster presentation, “Baccalaureate Nursing Students Learn Labor Coaching,” Las Vegas, Nevada.


School of Nursing Graduation faculty speaker, “The 3 Most Important Things You Need to Know to Be a Really Good Nurse,” California State University, Chico.
Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) conference, podium   presentation, “Being Responsive to Student’s Needs: A New Professor’s Journey in Providing Active, Engaged Learning,” California State University, Chico, CA.
American Holistic Nurses Association National Conference, poster presentation, “Baccalaureate Nursing Students Learn Labor Support Techniques,” Snowbird, Utah
Western Institute of Nursing Annual Communicating Nursing Research Conference, poster presentation, “Discovering Holism within the Symptom Management Theory,” Glendale, AZ
National Association of Orthopedic Nurses, plenary session, “Holistic   Nursing 101: Relax, Renew, Rejuvenate,” San Jose, CA.
Sigma Theta Tau Southwest Research Consortium Conference, poster presentation, “Evidence-Based Practice Innovation Project: Collaborative Communication Improves Quality and Patient Safety Outcomes,” Phoenix, AZ.
Arizona Consortium for Advancement of Evidence-Based Practice, podium presentation, “Implementation of SBAR Collaborative Communication,” Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ



April 2013 Western Institute of Nursing (WIN) Research Conference -Gayle receives the Carol Lindeman Award for New Researcher and is accompanied by her son, Russell

Western Institute of Nursing – Carol Lindeman Award for Outstanding New Nurse Researcher
CSU Chico Faculty Development Grant -.2 assigned time for Spring 2012 to complete research analysis and writing of dissertation
Betty Irene Moore Doctoral Fellowship: fully-funded PhD program awarded for merit & scholarship; $180,000 over three years
March of Dimes Nurse of the Year Award, one of three state finalists in Nurse Educator category
Northern Arizona Healthcare, Flagstaff Medical Center; Outstanding Nurse of the Year  

Professional Affiliations

Sigma Theta Tau International; Nursing Honor Society - CSU Chico Kappa Omicron Chapter President-Elect
Western Institute of Nursing (WIN) - nursing research
Society of Pediatric Nurses
Association for Women’s Health, Obstetrics, and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN)
American Holistic Nursing Association (AHNA) - founding member



April 2013

Gayle & her N314 clinical students in the Healing Garden, Mercy Medical Center, Redding, CA

Courses Taught at CSU, Chico

BSN Program

N313: Maternal-Child Nursing
N314: Maternal-Child Practicum
N342: Nursing Research

RN-BSN Program
N425: Advanced Nursing Practicum
MSN Program
Thesis advising

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