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Application Instructions

Please note.... This is very important! ... NursingCAS will be launching a new application version (3.0) on October 15, 2014. However, Chico School of Nursing will not be using this new version during the current spring 2015 application process. If you are beginning your application after October 15, 2014, you need to be sure you log onto NursingCAS 2.0.

Step 1. Apply to CSU, Chico first. If you want to apply to Chico's School of Nursing for spring semester 2015, then you need to apply to the university by August 31, 2014.

Step 2.  Apply to CSU, Chico’s Nursing Program – In order to be considered for admission to the nursing program for spring 2015, you must complete the online application through NursingCAS.

The deadline for the application and all documents is November 3, 2014 by 8:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.
Normally, all applications are due Nov. 1, but since Nov. 1 is on a Saturday, the deadline has been extended to November 3, 2014.

Before you begin filling out the application... PLEASE review the guidelines below. Because some sections of the application are marked "optional," you must follow these guidelines, which are specific to CSU, Chico. It is advised that you print these instructions prior to beginning the application process.

Applications to the CSU, Chico nursing program are processed through NursingCAS, an online service for nursing schools. NursingCAS processes your application, transcripts, and other documents on behalf of the School of Nursing.  Go to and click on “Apply” to initiate your application. Click on “Create Account” and complete the required fields. You can view a short instructional video on how to complete a NursingCAS application here.

Important!....Official transcripts from each college you attended (even if you are currently enrolled at CSU, Chico) must be mailed directly to NursingCAS from each college registrar’s office.  In order to expedite the processing, be sure to include this Transcript Request Form. Ask that each college send the official transcripts to the address below. NursingCAS will not process transcripts stamped with “Issued to Student.” Important! Be sure to check with the registrar that all "in progress" courses will be included on the transcripts.


Mailing Address

Mailing Address for Certified Mail, UPS, or FedEx ONLY

P.O. Box 9201
Watertown, MA 02471

NursingCAS Transcript Department
311 Arsenal Street, Suite 15
Watertown, MA 02472

NursingCAS Application and CSU, Chico Requirements

Applicant Information
Biographic Information – Required
Personal Data – Required
Additional Information - Required. Click on “add a new entry.” Under “type” write “CSU Chico Student ID” and then input your 9-digit ID number you received when you applied for admission to the university.
Parent and Family Information - Not Required
Background Information - Required
Secondary (High School) - Required. Enter the name of your high school.
Colleges Attended & College Degrees – Required
Coursework – Required (Be sure to have a copy of your unofficial transcript(s) on hand in order to complete this section. All college level course work (including in-progress course work) must be entered into the application in this section. This will be the most time-consuming aspect of the application process.

If you would rather have NursingCAS staff enter your coursework data on your behalf, you have the option of paying an additional fee of $50 to use the Coursework Entry Service. Click here to learn more about the service. The data entered into this section is used to calculate GPAs in order to make admissions decisions.
Tests – Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) - Required
In this section, enter the date you took the TEAS and your overall score.
Note:  Students must achieve a minimum level of 80% (Adjusted Individual Total Score) on the test to be eligible to apply to CSU, Chico’s School of Nursing.

All versions of the TEAS are acceptable.  The TEAS can be taken at any time, any number of times, and at any testing facility. If you take the TEAS at a location other than CSU, Chico, you need to inform ATI to e-mail your TEAS results to CSU, Chico School of Nursing.  (ATI knows the e-mail address to which to send the scores).  If you took the TEAS at CSU, Chico, ATI will automatically e-mail us the results.

The results of the TEAS must be received by the School of Nursing by the application deadline date.

Additional Information     
Professional Experience - Please input your volunteer experience of at least 60 hours or health-related work experience. Note: Points are awarded based on either volunteer or health-related experience, not both. Be sure to upload and attach any documentation verifying this experience. See section, "Volunteer Experience OR Health Related Experience" below.
References - Not Required (Submissions will not be reviewed.)
Personal Statement - Not Required (Submission will not be reviewed.)
Document Upload – Required
Any supporting verification documents pertaining to requirements must be signed and on business letterhead to be considered for admissions points. These documents must be uploaded in this section. Note:  You cannot upload more than 5 documents. If you have more than 5 documents to upload, then please combine these documents into one upload.  However, do not combine documents of different criteria, i.e., do not mix “language” and “requirement to work” documents, etc. Important:  Once uploaded, be sure to go to the “Designations” section and click on “Designated Schools.” You should see a link that says “California State University Chico” and a button, which says “complete.” Click on “complete.” You will then see - at the bottom of the page - a link to attach any uploaded documents.  If documents are not attached to the CSU Chico application, the admission committee cannot view them. Points will not be awarded if documents are not properly attached.

The following categories are documents that should be uploaded and attached, if applicable:

Foreign Language Proficiency:  Priority languages include: Spanish, Southeast Asian languages, Filipino/Tagalog, East Indian languages, California Indian languages, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and American Sign Language.

Fluency in priority languages will be given the highest points. Upload documentation of your fluency level, in the form of a verification letter from a language teacher. The verification letter should indicate your ability to converse with native speakers at a normal conversational level.

Intermediate level proficiency in a priority language (see list above) verified by college transcripts (at least two years of a foreign language), by unofficial high school transcripts (at least three years), or by written verification from a language teacher. Non-priority languages (those not listed above) will be considered. Proficiency should be documented as in the categories above.

Volunteer Experience OR Health Related Experience: If you have volunteer experience of at least 60 hours, upload a verification letter from your supervisor. Be sure the letter indicates the number of hours completed and your supervisor's name and contact information. Verification letters must be on company letterhead and signed.
OR, If you have Health Related Work Experience, upload a verification letter from your supervisor. Be sure the letter indicates the position you held and duration of employment. Verification letters must be on company letterhead and signed.

If you have formal education in a health care field, or license/certificate (such as CNA, LVN, RT) upload applicable transcripts, license or certificate.

Requirement to Work: Applicants who work 20 or more hours per week for a consecutive six-month period must submit a verification letter from the employer. The verification letter should include your name, position, place of employment, and hours worked per week. Letters must fully verify continuous employment for the six months. If there is any break in work hours, no points will be awarded.

Rural Residency - If you have indicated you are a permanent resident of Butte, Colusa, Del Notre, Glenn, Humboldt, Lassen, Mendocino, Lake, Modoc, Nevada, Plumas, Shasta, Sierra, Siskiyou, Sutter, Tehama, Trinity, or Yuba County, please click here to download the form, complete and upload it in the Document Upload section.

California Veteran Status - If you are a California veteran, a California resident with an honorable discharge then upload a copy of your Member 2 or 4 of DD214.

Reminder:  After uploading documents, you must attach them to the "Designations" section of the application.

Additional Information, continued
Privacy Statement – Required
Designations - Required

In this section, you will select California State University Chico’s BSN program, search or scroll to find our school listing and click on the box underneath “apply, ” then “Submit.” If CSU Chico is the only school to which you apply through NursingCAS, then you will be charged $45. If it’s the second school to which you apply through NursingCAS, then you be will charged $30. Access FAQs on payment here.

Deadline - The deadline for the spring semester is November 3. ALL required admissions materials must be submitted by this deadline. Your application will not be considered until ALL elements listed above, "CSU, Chico NursingCAS Requirements,” are completed and submitted.

Please!! ... Do not wait until the last minute to submit your application. All official transcripts must be submitted to NursingCAS by the applicable deadline in order for your application to be processed and verified for CSU, Chico School of Nursing to review.

Monitor the Status of Your Application:
The “My Messages” section of the NursingCAS application will include any messages that NursingCAS or a school representative has sent to you. Please check “My Messages” to see if you have received any vital information about your application. Messages will be sent to the “My Messages” inbox and your personal email address with which you created your account.

Use the “Quick Status Menu” options to check to see your Transcript(s) or Payment(s) that have been received after you submit them. It is advised that you check to make sure all materials have been received prior to the deadline. To check to see which Designations you have selected (in other words, programs to which you have applied), click on the Designations option under the Quick Status menu. The GPA Calculations option under the Quick Status menu will display any GPA calculations NursingCAS has generated for you based on the coursework data you entered. Your application has been “verified” once your GPA Calculations are complete.

Contact and Help Information - For questions regarding the NursingCAS application please contact NursingCAS support via phone at 617-612-2880 Monday – Thursday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM Eastern Time and Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern Time and via email at Or post questions to NursingCAS by following their Twitter and/or Facebook accounts. Detailed instructions and FAQs are available too. Instructional videos are posted on the NursingCAS YouTube channel.

For other questions, please contact the Pre-Nursing Advisor at CSU Chico School of Nursing:
Phyllis Salopek, e-mail:

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