Program Information and Statistics

Top Ranked Program

We have an exceptional five-semester program leading to a bachelor’s degree in nursing.  We admit 40 students each fall and spring semester. Because of a long history of having more applicants than can be accommodated, admission to the CSU, Chico School of Nursing is impacted and supplemental selection criteria assessed using a point system to determine admission.

Licensing Disclosure

Admission into programs leading to licensure does not guarantee that students will obtain a license. Licensure requirements are set by agencies not controlled by or affiliated with the CSU and requirements can change at any time. For example, licensure requirements can include evidence of the right to work in the United States (e.g., social security number or taxpayer identification number) or successfully passing a criminal background check. Students are responsible for determining whether they can meet licensure requirements. The CSU will not refund tuition, fees, or any associated costs, to students who determine subsequent to admission that they cannot meet licensure requirements. Information concerning licensure requirements are available from California State University, Chico, School of Nursing, Trinity Hall Room 121, Chico, CA 95929-0200, 530-898-5891.

Military Service

Priority for veterans is given in two ways:

  1. Veterans with honorable discharge will receive 1 point as part of our points system for admissions (Must submit DD Form 214, Member 2 or 4, with the supplemental nursing application).
  2. Point priority is given to California veterans who meet the application requirements and who have been honorably discharged. This priority is given only in relation to applicants with the same point total. Veterans must submit a DD Form 214, Member 2 or 4, with the supplemental nursing application.

In addition, veterans with previous medical experience may be eligible to receive additional points on their supplemental nursing applications. Please visit the Ex-Military Students page for further information.

Post-Baccalaureate Students

Though the university does not normally accept second-degree applicants, exceptions are made for post baccalaureates who designate the pre-nursing major. You must apply as an undergraduate to the university during the appropriate application period and confirm your intent to enroll by the applicable university deadline. Your $200 enrollment deposit is deferred until you are offered and accept a seat in the Nursing program.

Acceptance into the Nursing Program

CSU Chico students and new transfer students have equal consideration in terms of admission to the nursing program. Applications from California residents and students eligible to pay in-state tuition are considered prior to non-resident applications. Acceptance into the nursing program is provisional until all transcripts have been reviewed for meeting minimum GPA requirements in all areas as specified in the admission criteria. Furthermore, for final acceptance to the nursing program, any applicant accepting a seat must pass a drug screen and background check.

Declaring Your Major

If you are considering a degree in nursing, declare Pre-Nursing as your major. The Nursing major only applies to those students who have been accepted into the School of Nursing program.

If you are interested in applying to other schools of nursing, visit the California BRN Web site for addresses. This Web site is linked to all nursing programs in California. We recommend that you have a back-up plan (other school or major), in case you are not admitted to Chico’s nursing program. Only 1 of every 4-5 applicants is currently being admitted.

In-coming Freshman: Registering for Courses Sample Plan - COMING SOON
Transfer Students: Registering for Courses Sample Plan - COMING SOON

Admission Statistics

We admit 40 students each fall and 40 students each spring. 



Points Cut-off

# admitted from
alternate list

Admit GPA

Admit TEAS

Spring 2014 137 87 0
Fall 2014 265 88 19
Spring 2015 180 87.5 4 3.61 89.2%
Fall 2015 333 89 20 3.63 89.4%
Spring 2016 201 89.85 1 3.60 90.7%
Fall 2016 285 88 15 3.74 90.4%
Spring 2017 171 87 18 3.69 89.6%
Fall 2017 172 86 18 3.68 89.3%
Spring 2018 171 90 5 3.78 91%