Additional Employment

Additional Employment Guidelines

The Collective Bargaining Agreement is the primary source for information limiting Additional Employment.  CBA Article 36.5 reads:


A faculty unit employee shall be limited in CSU employment to the equivalent of one (1) full-time position in his/her primary or normal employment.  An “overage” of up to twenty five percent (25%) of a full-time position shall be allowed if the overage employment:

  1. consists of employment of a substantially different nature from his/her primary or normal employment;
  2. is funded from non-general fund sources;
  3. is the result of the accrual of part-time employment on more than one (1) campus; or
  4. is necessary to meet a temporary faculty employee’s entitlement to full-time work, or to offer work to a part-time temporary faculty employee up to full time under provision 12.29 (a)(8) or (b)(9). However, in no case shall a faculty unit employee’s entitlement to a subsequent employment at a campus exceed full-time in any academic term. 

The Chancellor’s Office, through technical letter HR 2002-05, has instructed the campuses to develop appropriate guidelines and procedures for prior approval and monitoring of all additional employment. Additional employment may be denied and/or restricted by the campus President or designee.

Additional employment guidelines are designed to provide a framework within which employees may be appointed for more than full time, and establish the total amount of employment an individual may have with the California State University (CSU).

Additional employment is discouraged when it is possible to adjust an individuals workload through assigned time.  (An example would be a 1.0 employee with a workload of: 16 WTU fall/14 WTU spring)