About Public Affairs & Publications

Public Affairs and Publications tells the Chico State story through news releases, publications, and other efforts. Learn more about our staff here.

Here are some of the other services we provide:

Publicizing Campus Achievements

Do you know of something amazing happening on campus? Did you write a book, do a service project with students, win an award for your research? Send your news and story ideas to Public Affairs or call 530-898-4143.

Event Promotion

Our staff can help you get the word out through news releases, social media, Campus Announcements, and/or Student Announcements. Call 530-898-4143.

Campus Editing

We review print and online publications intended for off-campus audiences or wide distribution on campus. For more information, contact Anna Harris at 530-898-5882 or email campusediting@csuchico.edu. For questions about university style, see our online University Publication Guide.

Social Media

Our staff maintains the main university social media pages. We also organize a campuswide Social Media Users Group, which meets to discuss current issues and successful techniques in social media. To get started, see our Social Media Guide. Contact Kate Post, 530-898-4263, for more information.

Faculty Expert Database

The Faculty Expert Database is a list of our faculty members and their areas of expertise. It is used primarily by journalists working on stories and looking for experts. The Office of Sponsored Programs also uses it to contact faculty about grant and contract opportunities.

Regional Speaking Engagements

Our staff helps local and regional organizations find speakers among our faculty and staff. Please visit our Faculty Expert Database and check the "Speaker" box. For additional help, contact Public Affairs and Publications at 530-898-4143.

Public Records Requests

Public Affairs and Publications helps campus offices and departments respond to public records requests. Contact Joe Wills, 530-898-4143, for more information.