Advice from Students


Buying a parking permit is expensive and does not guarantee a spot (we call it a “hunting license”). To avoid some frustration, students can ride a bike or use the Butte Regional Transit (B-Line), which is free to students. Wear comfortable shoes and enjoy the fresh air.


The lines at the A.S. Bookstore seem endless during the first week of school. Students can order textbooks early through TextLink.


Looking for housing can be stressful, especially when students procrastinate and leave it to the last minute. To avoid this stress, students should begin looking early. They can start by becoming familiar with the Chico neighborhoods and choosing an area of town to live in. Local rental agencies can help with the search. Encourage your student to choose roommates who are compatible and reliable. Remember, best friends don’t always make the best roommates.


If you don’t have a job, you don’t have an income, so if you haven’t won the lottery, employment may be something to consider. Chico is a small town and job opportunities are scarce. Student Employment, located in the Student Services Center, lists local job opportunities on and off campus. Students can also apply for campus jobs through the Associated Students office in the Bell Memorial Union. The Chico Chamber of Commerce is another available resource.

Empty Wallets, Pockets, And Stomachs

The starving student syndrome is real. Caviar tastes on a Top Ramen budget can lead students into a financial jam (yes, pun intended—hey, we’re educated college students now!). Budgeting can stop the act of searching the couch for loose change and make life much easier. (So, remember to slip a $20 bill next to the cookies in those care packages!)

Midterms, Hooray

It’s 3 a.m. The printer runs out of ink in the middle of printing an eight-page report due in a few short hours, and there is still that midterm to study for. This scenario is common, but can be easily avoided. Time management is a vital key to success in college. Instead of watching a Simpson’s rerun, students need to plan time to study. A study group can keep them focused.

Crowded Classes

Limited seating causes irritation when combating scheduling issues. Most classes are in high demand and fill up quickly, so students should be open to alternative classes at different times and days. Also, encourage your student to register on their specified time and day on the Chico State Portal.

Social and Academic Pressures

Chico offers a fun social environment and an enriching academic experience. Balancing the two will lead to a successful college experience. Your student needs to finish all projects and papers before hitting the Chico social scene.