Building Permits

The California Building Code defines when construction, improvements, alterations, and other scopes of work requires a permit. The University is authorized under delegated authority by the CSU Board of Trustees and is required by the California Building Code to issue building permits for all qualifying work planned for implementation within our campus boundaries and satellite locations. The Deputy Building Official is a designated person within Planning, Design & Construction and is responsible for issuing permits for the campus. 

All projects are subject to the numerous codes governing the CSU and public works construction. In addition to issuing building permits, the Deputy Building Official is responsible for the validation of code compliance process and for designating the Inspector of Record to perform required inspections. 

For questions on what scope of work requires a building permit please see California Building Code Chapter 1, Division II, Section 105 "Permits". 

Building Permit Application Form and Process:

Click here for Building Permit Application Form.

Click here for Building Permit Process.