Central Plant Modifications


Modifications to the Central Plant include two new boilers, a new thermal energy storage (TES) tank, one new chiller and infrastructure for a second chiller in the future. The original boilers are past their useful life. The existing chiller plant and TES tank have reached capacity with existing facilities, and will not be able to accommodate future cooling needs of the campus. This project will increase the cooling capacity of the campus in a cost effective manner.

The Central Plant Modification project will expand the existing building accommodate the new chiller and replacement boilers with the cooling tower will be installed adjacent to it. The new TES tank will be constructed near the existing tank and will be served by both the new and existing chillers, allowing nighttime operation when electricity rates are less expensive than daytime rates. The project scope includes site work to prepare for the new TES tank and increased the Central Plant building footprint, as well as new equipment, piping and controls. The plant expansion will enable the campus to minimize the need for daytime chilled water production and save operating costs. 


2017-08-11 Campuswide Electrical Outage

2016-08-04 Central Plant Update