Campuswide Electrical Outage

On Friday 8/11 there will be a Campuswide electrical outage at 5:00 am to facilitate work at the Boiler Chiller Plant.  Power is scheduled to be restored by 6:00 am. 

To decrease the likelihood of property damage, please ensure that all electronic devices within your office are turned off prior to the planned shutdown. Examples of devices that should be turned off include computers, monitors, printers, and office copiers. Generators will provide electrical power to servers and emergency services in the Meriam Library data center, so these services will not be impacted by the electrical shutdown. 

No building access will be permitted during the shutdown.  All elevators will be shut down for the entire shutdown duration. All access during the shutdown should be arranged through UPD.

For questions or concerns please contact Planning, Design, and Construction at 898-6235.