Creekside Plaza (University Center Landscape Project)

Sign for Colusa Hall Remodel and Landscape Project

Chico State has enhanced our open space with the Creekside Plaza (formerly the University Center Landscape Project). The courtyard between Selvester’s Café and Colusa Hall has been developed with decorative paving and raised planters with concrete seat walls.  A structure/trellis covered with vines provides shading for the courtyard space.

The second area is approximately 12,200 square feet between Colusa Hall, Selvester’s Café, and the Continuing Education building.  The fire access path was maintained and a hammer head turn was provided at the end.  The loading dock area at Selvester's is enclosed to shield from view the Selvester delivery/trash area. 

The third area, approximately 8,000 square feet is immediately south of Big Chico Creek.  A portion of the existing landscaping will be redeveloped spring 2011 into an educational garden with indigenous plants historically found adjacent to riparian areas for this geographical zone.  The garden design has been the collaboration of campus faculty and departments and the Mechoopda Indian Tribe. All large growth trees will be maintained. 

The Creekside Plaza project provides additional open space on campus and creates an aesthetically pleasing area for students, faculty and staff to work and relax. This area allows an additional venue for on-campus events. 

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Click here to view the Initial Study/ Mitigated Negative Declaration-University Center Landscape Project

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2009-05-09 University Center Capital Projects Update