Campus Public Arts Committee (CPAC)

The Campus Public Arts Committee (CPAC) is a subcommittee of Campus Planning and is responsible for making recommendations for integrating public art on the Chico State campus. The mission of the CPAC is to implement a high quality public art program that will educate and enrich the lives of students and the campus community through engagement with public art.


Establishing Authority:
The Campus Public Arts Committee is a sub-committee of the Campus Planning Committee.

The Campus Public Arts Committee (CPAC) is delegated the authority to make recommendations to the CPC related to public art on campus. For purposes of this committee public art includes:
o Banners;
o Areas designated for Public Art by CPC (exterior and interior of buildings);
o Gifts of Public Art and placement (acceptance to follow policy of the University);
o Environmental Graphics (temporary or permanent); and
o Other matters delegated to CPAC by CPC.
The Mission does not include:
Land use related to the Campus Master Plan, transportation and ADA routes, and/or design of specific facilities.

1. Provost or designee
2. VP for Business and Finance or designee
3. VP for Student Affairs or designee
4. VP for University Advancement or designee
5. One student appointed by the Board of Directors of the Associated Students
6. One staff member from a department, school, or college office selected by the Chair of the Staff Council
7. One member of the faculty appointed by the Dean of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts in consultation with the Academic Senate
8. Campus Creative Director

Officer and Staff:
1. Chair: The Chair is elected by CPC.
2. Staff: Staff is a member of the Facilities Capital Planning department and selected by the Director of Planning, Design and Construction. The duties of the staff member will keep minutes of meetings and provide follow-up to the committee on all aspects of their responsibilities.

Meetings: Monthly

Subcommittees: CPAC may not establish subcommittees. CPAC may augment the committee on a project basis with up to three non-voting advisory members.

Adopted 02/15/2011; Rev. Per 03/05/2014 CPC Mtg


Wildcat Statue