Faculty & Staff

Kirk Monfort, Professor
(Ph.D. Stanford University)

Graduating from the University of Oklahoma in 1965 with a BA in Letters (Philosophy, History and Literature), I followed my dustbowl progenitors to California. While at Stanford I managed to avoid debt, the Viet Nam war, a drug habit, and disciplinary specialization, leaving with Ph.D. in Philosophy and Humanities (More literature and history). But luxuriating too long in the student life, I had missed the booming jobs market for Philosophy Ph.Ds in the late 1960s and took up the nomadic life of a temp at Hayward, Sac State, and finally Chico State in 1974. In every case, it was the diversity of background that got me the job. The first medical ethics course, the first business ethics course, and the basic structure of the current GE program which all Chico State students continue to 'enjoy,' were the fruits of my first years here. Since the early 1980s I have coordinated and taught exclusively in the Freshman General Studies Thematic program (GST), which is like a one year liberal arts college for freshmen within Chico State covering most of their GE requirements. Since about 1990 I have been on the Chico Planning Commission (a practical lesson in utopia building). I still wouldn't be able to pick a major, but the most valuable skills I have I got from doing philosophy.