Faculty & Staff

Marcel Daguerre, Lecturer
(M.A. University of California, Davis; M.S. California State University, Chico)

Marcel Daguerre teaches primarily in ethics, philosophy of mind, critical thinking, ancient philosophy, and philosophy of religion. He earned a Masters in Philosophy from UC, Davis, and a Masters in Business Administration from CSU, Chico. Marcel has been teaching at CSUC since 1985, and is on the Board of Directors of the CSUC Humanities Center. He has written three original musicals, Oedipus Rocks, The Raven, and The Cricket on the Hearth with his collaborator, Jerry Miller. They have also teamed up to create and direct several popular juke box musicals, including The Ghost Bride of Castle Castle, The One Hit Wonder, The Adventures of Betty Rocket, Space Lawyer, The Mummy's Melody, Radioland's Cavalcade of Stars, Go Go, and The Black Bird Sings, which won an Annie Award for Best Theatre Production of 2007.