Faculty & staff

Zanja Yudell, Associate Professor
(Ph.D. Columbia University)

Zanja Yudell received his Ph.D. (with distinction) in philosophy from Columbia University in 2005, the same year he joined the faculty at Cal State Chico. The title of his dissertation is "Scientific Realism and Inconsistency: A Model-Based Approach". His area of specialization is philosophy of science, with a particular focus on the philosophy of physics. He has taught courses in philosophy of science, logic, and the history of western philosophy at Columbia and the New School University. He is currently working on issues concerning the conflict between quantum mechanics and relativity, scientific explanation and realism, and reductionism and the nature of fundamental theories.

Selected publications:

    "A Normative Account of the Need for Explanation", co-authored with Wai-hung Wong, Synthese 192 (2015), pp.2863-2885

    "How Fallacious Is the Consequence Fallacy?", co-authored with Wai-hung Wong, Philosophical Studies 165 (2013), pp.221-227

    "Lange's Challenge: Accounting for Meta-laws", British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 64 (2013), pp.347-369

    "Structuralism and the New Way of Worlds: A Sellarsian Argument for Necessitarianism about Laws", Philosophy of Science 78 (2011), pp.678-695

    "Melia and Saatsi on Structural Realism", Synthese 175 (2010), pp.241-253