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About Phi Kappa Phi

The primary objective of the national Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi is the recognition and encouragement of superior scholarship in all academic disciplines. The Society is convinced that in recognizing and honoring those persons of good character who have excelled in scholarship, in whatever field, it will stimulate others to strive for excellence. Moreover, the Society serves the interests of the student capable of excellence by insisting that in order to acquire a chapter of Phi Kappa Phi, an institution provide the means and atmosphere conducive to academic excellence.

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In 1897 a group of 10 students at the University of Maine, who perceived a need for an honor society on broader lines than any then in existence, was assisted by interested professors to organize the Lambda Sigma Eta Society. A year or so later the name was changed to the Morrill Society, in honor of the sponsor of the Congressional Act which provided for land-grant colleges. In 1900 it was transformed into a national society by action of a committee composed of the presidents of the University of Maine, the University of Tennessee, and Pennsylvania State College (now The Pennsylvania State University). The chapters in these institutions are the founding chapters. The Society was renamed Phi Kappa Phi, from the initial letters of the Greek words forming its adopted motto: Philosophia Krateito Photon, roughly translated as &ldquo Let The Love Of Learning Rule Humanity. &rdquo Phi Kappa Phi currently has chapters in institutions from Maine to the Philippines and from Alaska to Puerto Rico .

The history of the Society has been recorded in two volumes, In Pursuit of Excellence: The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, 1897-1971 by Edward Schriver (Paperback - $3.50) and Making Heroes of Scholars: The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, 1971-1983 by Neal O'Steen (Paperback - $6.00, Hardback- $10.00). Both are available from the National Office at LSU.


The badge of this Society, which appears on the key, is a globe against the background of the sun, whose rays form an expansive corona and radiate in a number of symmetrical concentrations from behind the globe. These signify equivalence among the various branches of learning and represent the dissemination of truth as light. Encircling the globe is a band containing the Greek letters for Phi Kappa Phi and symbolizing a fraternal bond which girds the earth and binds the lovers of wisdom in a common purpose.



Phi Kappa Phi holds an initiation ceremony and a medallion ceremony in spring semester.


There are two scholarships for which students(members) may apply. The Dorthea Powers Scholarship is a local one awarded by our chapter to qualified students (members) with at least one year remaining at CSU, Chico. This award is for $750. Applications can be downloaded here in PDF format or in Word format and are due by March 30, 2012.

The national headquarter also awards the Phi Kappa Phi Fellowships every year to students(members) planning to attend graduate school. These awards are for $5000 and are awarded to qualified applicants for full time, first-year graduate or professional study. Applications are available here and are due to our campus office (Dr. Katie Whitlock) by March 30, 2012. On the national website, there is an application date of April 15th, 2012. That is the date for our chapter officers to submit your application. You must submit them to our offices by March 30, 2012., 

Additional awards (Phi Kappa Phi Scholar & Artist, Love of Learning) and grants (Study Abroad, Literacy) offered by our national headquarters can be found here.

Executive Committee for the Chico Chapter




Dr. Joel Rogers
College of Humanities and Fine Arts



Dr. Mahalley Allen
College of Behavioral & Social Sciences

Vice President


Carolyn Dusenbury
Meriam Library

VP Publicity


Dr. Katie Whitlock
College of Humanities and Fine Arts

VP Scholarships


Ms. Betty Benander
College of Behavioral & Social Sciences



Dr. Teresa Cotner

College of Humanities and Fine Arts



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