Program coordinators provide academic advising for the various majors with the Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice. The coordinator for your major is the person you need to see for questions about classes to take and forms to sign (e.g., the major clearance  form).

Advisor List by Major

Advisor Office Hours (pdf)

Criminal  Justice 

Jessica Candela

Butte 707A 898-3068
International  Relations Professor Wilking Butte 741B 898-5960
Political Science-Option: Legal  Studies Professor Allen Butte 741B   898-5960
Political  Science-General Professor Dwyre Butte 721 898-5734
Public  Administration Professor Viotti Butte 729 898-4964
Masters - Political  Science Professor Thomas Butte 723 898-5738
Masters - Public Administration Professor Weber Butte 733 898-6036