Coyle, Michael J.

Associate Professor
Office: Butte 735
Phone: 898-5692


Coyle Bio Picture

Associate Professor Michael J. Coyle grew up in Greece, and came to the U.S. for university studies. As an undergraduate he studied philosophy and comparative religion at Arizona State University. Michael went on to Harvard University where he pursued graduate work in language studies and philosophical anthropology. After working for years in the human rights for prisoners movement in San Francisco, Michael returned to Arizona for a Ph.D. in Justice Studies. Michael began teaching at Chico State in 2007 where he devotes himself to research, teaching, and activism that examines language, public policy and everyday life to expose the social construction of discarded persons, that is, those identified for their difference from promoted norms and who are characterized as “unlike us,” “dangerous,” or “punishment-worthy”:  the so-called deviant, imprisoned and excluded. To read more about his books and other research, as well as his teaching and activism please visit his web page: