Gapa, Angela

Office: Butte 707F
Phone: 898-5140

Photo Angela GapaName: Angela Gapa

Rank: Assistant Professor

Year of hire: 2017

Degree(s): Ph.D., MA

Alma Mater: Florida International University

Courses Taught: Politics of Developing Nations; Politics of Africa; Conflict and Security; Comparative Political Institutions

Select Publications:

Gapa, Angela, “Diamond in the Rough: Unearthing the Sources of State Legitimacy in Botswana,” Journal of African Policy Studies Volume 22.1 (2016):1

Gapa, Angela. "Identity Management: The Creation of Resource Allocative Criteria in Botswana." African Studies Quarterly 17.1 (2017): 1.

Gapa, Angela. "Strategic Partner or Shot Caller?: The De Beers Factor in Botswana's Development." Journal of Global South Studies 33.1 (2016): 49-81.