Haerle, Darin

Criminal Justice Coordinator
Office: Butte 727
Phone: 898-6154

Name: Darin Haerle

Rank: Assistant Professor

Year of hire: 2014

Degree(s): Ph.D.

Alma mater: University of California, Irvine

Courses taught: Juvenile Justice, Corrections, Introduction to Political Inquiry, Methods of Political Inquiry

Select publications:

Haerle, D. Dosage matters: Impact of a violent offender treatment program on juvenile recidivism. Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice. Forthcoming.

Turner, S., Braithwaite, H, Kearney, L., Murphy, A., & Haerle, D. (2012). Evaluation of the California Parole Violation Decision-Making Instrument (PVDMI). Journal of Crime and Justice, 35(2), 269-295.

Trulson, C.R., Caudill, J.W., Haerle, D.R., & DeLisi, M. (2012). Cliqued up: The postincarceration recidivism of young gang-related homicide offenders. Criminal Justice Review, 37(20, 174-190.

Trulson, C.R., Haerle, D.R., DeLisi, M., & Marquart, J.W. (2011). Blended sentencing, early release, and recidivism of violent institutionalized delinquents. The Prison Journal, 91(3), 255-278.