Sherman, Nicole

Office: Butte 702
Phone: 898-4965

Name: Nicole Sherman

Rank: Assistant Professor

Year of Hire: 2017

Degree(s): Ph.D. Criminology, Law & Society, M.A. Social Ecology 

Alma mater: University of California, Irvine

Courses taught: Introduction to Research Methods, Methods of Political Inquiry, Crime Prevention

Select publications:

Barragan, M., Chesnut, K., Gravel, J., Pifer, N., Reiter, K., Sherman, N., Tita, G. Not an Iron Pipeline, but Many Iron Capillaries: Regulating Passive Gun Transactions in Los Angeles' Secondary & Illegal Markets. Injury Prevention.

Barragan, M., Sherman N., Reiter, K., & Tita, G. (2016). Damned if you do, damned if you don't: Perceptions of guns, safety and legitimacy among detained gun offenders. Criminal Justice and Behavior (Special Issue).

Kaplan, P., Dunn, K., & Sherman, N. (2015). Localism and Capital Judicial Override in Jefferson County, Alabama. Race and Justice, 2153368715595268.