Stanley, Robert

Office: Butte 731
Phone: 898-4962

Name: Robert H. Stanley

Rank: Professor

Year of hire: 1989

Year of tenure/promotion: 1992

Degree(s): BA in Philosophy, J.D., Ph.D. in History, Member of the State Bar in Texas

Alma mater: Texas Christian University, University of Texas Law School, University of Virginia

Courses taught: Introduction to Legal Studies, Constitutional Law: Civil Right and Civil Liberties, Legal Studies Capstone Seminar

Select publications:

Dimensions of Law in the Service of Order: Origins of the Federal Income Tax, 1861-1913 (Oxford University Press, 1993)

“When Monopoly Mattered,” in Historic U.S. Court Cases (Routledge, 2001)

“The Income Tax Cases,” in The Public Debate over Controversial Supreme Court Decisions (CQ Press, 2006)

Two entries on 19th century lawyers for the Yale Biographical Dictionary of American Law (Yale University Press, 2009).


Professor Stanley will be joining the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) beginning in AY 2015-16, and will be teaching only during the spring semester each year.