Thomas, Matt

MA Coordinatior & MPA Internship Coordinator
Office: Butte 723
Phone: 898-5738

Name: Matthew O. Thomas

Rank: Professor

Year of hire: 2001

Year of tenure/promotion: 2006

Official capacity: MPA Internship Coordinator & MA Coordinator

Degree(s): Ph.D.

Alma mater: University of Maryland

Courses taught: Introduction to Criminal Justice, CJ Capstone, Introduction to Public Administration, Police Administration , Seminar in American Politics, Seminar in Public Management, MPA Professional Paper, MPA Internship

Select publications:

“Sweating Bullets: Female Attitudes Regarding Concealed Weapons and the Perception of Safety on College Campuses,” with Ryan Patten and Paul Viotti.  2013.  Race, Gender & Class. 3:4: 269-87.

“Packing Heat: Attitudes Regarding Concealed Weapons on College Campuses,” with Ryan Patten and James C. Wada.  2013.  American Journal of Criminal Justice. 38: 551-569.

“Examining the Roles of Public and Private Security Officers in Urban Social Control,” with Rick Ruddell and Ryan Patten.  2011. International Journal of Police Science and Management.  13:1: 54-69.

“Minority Threat and Police Strength: An Examination of the Golden State,” with Rick Ruddell.  2010.  Police Practice and Research: An International Journal.  11:3: 256-273

“Does Politics Matter?  Cross-National Correlates of Police Strength,” with Rick Ruddell.  2009.  Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management.  32:4: 654-674.

“A new New Orleans? Understanding the Role of History and the State-Local Relationship in the Recovery Process,” with Peter F. Burns.  2008.  Journal of Urban Affairs.  30:3: 259-272.