Turner, Charles C.

Office: Butte 725
Phone: 898-6489

Name: Charles C. Turner

Rank: Professor

Year of hire: 2000

Year of tenure/promotion: 2005, Full Professor in 2010

Degree(s): Ph. D.

Alma mater: Claremont Graduate University

Courses taught: Senior Capstone in American Politics, Introduction to Political Inquiry, State and Local Government (BA course), State and Local Government (M.A. course), The U.S. Presidency (BA course), The U.S. Presidency (M.A. course)

Select publications:

Introduction to American Government, 8th ed. 2016. with D. Grier Stephenson, Jr., Robert J. Bresler, Robert J. Friedrich, and Joseph J. Karlesky, Redding, CA: BVT Publishing.

“Civic Engagement in the Capstone: The State of the Community Event.” April, 2014 PS: Political Science & Politics, 47 (2): 497-501.

“Political Assassination in Popular Fiction and Political Thought: Trotsky, Arendt, and Stephen King.” In Damned If You Do: Dilemmas of Action in Literature and Popular Culture, Margaret Hrezo and John M. Parrish, eds., 2010, Lexington Books.