Weber, Lori

MPA Coordinator

Office: Butte 733
Phone: 898-4504

Name: Lori M. Weber

Rank: Professor 

Year of hire: 1999 

Year of tenure/promotion: 2005 

Official capacity: MPA Coordinator 

Degree(s): Ph.D., M.A. 

Alma mater: University of Colorado at Boulder 

Courses taught: Introduction to Research Methods, Quantitative Research Methods, Public Opinion, MPA Professional Paper 

Select publications:

Justus, Zachary, Millicent Mattor, and Lori M. Weber. 2016. “Student Voice in a Campus Civic Engagement Program: A Description and Assessment.” Communication Teacher 30 (2): 106-119. 

Ertle, Ellie and Lori M. Weber. 2010. “Yes We Can: Developing Civic Engagement in College Students through Town Hall Meetings. The Western: Newsletter of the Western Political Science Association 2 (2): 5-14. http// Note: This article was published in the

anonymous, peer-reviewed section, Western Educator. 

Muhlberger, Peter and Lori M. Weber. 2006. “Lessons from the Virtual Agora Project: The Effects of Agency, Identity, Information, and Deliberation on Political Knowledge.” Journal of Public Deliberation 2 (1), Article 6. 

Barrios, Sharon and Lori M. Weber. 2006. “A New Kind of Political Science Course Experience: Creating and Editing a Student Journal of Politics.” PS: Political Science and Politics 39: 107-110. 

Weber, Lori M. 2003. “Rugged Individuals and Social Butterflies: The Consequences of Social and Individual Political Participation for Political Tolerance. Social Science Journal 40 (2): 335-342. 

Weber, Lori M., Alysha Loumakis, and James Bergman. 2003. “Who Participates and Why? An Analysis of Citizens on the Internet and the Mass Public.” Social Science Computer Review 21 (1): 26-42.