Emeritus Professor Ed Bronson Presents on ‘My Life Fighting the Death Penalty’

Ed Bronson

Emeritus Professor and expert witness Edward Bronson gave the presentation “My Life Fighting the Death Penalty” on Feb. 28.

Bronson, who taught political science at Chico State for 31 years, is widely recognized as a leading expert witness and researcher on the death penalty. He has published numerous articles and book chapters, testified in hun- dreds of cases, and spoken at professional and academic conferences about a multitude of legal subjects related to the death penalty. He has testified in such prominent cases as the San Francisco dog mauling trial of 2002 and that of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

At Chico State, he founded the public law, criminal justice and paralegal certificate pro- grams; the Pre-Law Society; and the Student Law Union of Minorities. He also founded the University’s student-led Community Legal Infor- mation Center (CLIC), which provides free legal services to the community and hands-on clinical and civic engagement experience for students. The center has been the catalyst for a number of community service programs and organizations and celebrates its 45th anniversary in 2015.

Bronson’s presentation was part of the Department of Political Science Friday Forum series and was hosted by the department; Pi Sigma Alpha, a political science honors society; and the Criminal Justice Student Association.

“Ed Bronson is a local legend who has made a national impact,” said Chico State politi- cal science professor Alan Gibson. “Besides founding numerous programs at the University, he has projected himself across the nation as a fierce defender of the rights of minorities and the poor, and as an equally forceful opponent of extreme and ill-conceived laws and punishments. We have asked him to speak to call attention to his fascinating life story and numerous achieve- ments, and to inspire the next generation of students to take up his torch.”

Story courtesy of CSU, Chico Alumni Association

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