BA in Political Science - Option: Legal Studies

Mission Statement, Program Goals, and Student Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement

The mission of the Political Science - Option: Legal Studies Program is to provide Political Science Majors the opportunity to focus on legal studies and in particular the judicial branch of government and the interaction between the judicial branch with the other branches of government, including the traditional executive and legislative branches, as well as the media and the democratic process. An additional mission is to promote community engagement and a commitment toward working for the public good. Students will have the capacity to move into specific career opportunities (i.e. paralegal certificate) or have the skill and knowledge for future study in law school or graduate studies.

Program Goals

  • Knowledge :  Students will understand the judicial system, laws, process, and procedures for fundamental fairness and basic principles of constitutional law.  
  • Skill :  Students will have both the written, oral, and research skills to communicate effectively in the legal environment and the critical legal reasoning skills to analyze laws and legal opinions. Students will be able to use appropriate technology in legal studies. Students will have leadership skills.
  • Professionalism :  Students will have an understanding and knowledge of the professional code applicable to legal practice.
  • Citizenship :  Students will understand the importance of participation in a democratic society and have worked in a community service-learning program. Students will know how to function in an office/professional environment.  


Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will have understanding and knowledge of the state and federal courts systems and how those systems interrelate in a constitutional system, which recognizes individual civil rights and civil liberties, states' rights, and the need for national policy.
  • Students will have the ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, legal concepts and theories that they have researched and developed.
  • Students can apply their legal studies skills and knowledge in applied settings.
  • Students will be able to recognize potential ethical conflicts and take appropriate measures to comply with the applicable ethical code of conduct.
  • Students will work in community service-learning internships, applying their legal studies skills and knowledge in a professional setting under the direct supervision of licensed attorneys.
  • Students will demonstrate good citizenship in the classroom and internship experience.
  • Students will have the skills and knowledge to become effective leaders.