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Chico State Pre-Med Association
Officer Meeting Minutes 9/8/10

-E-mail photos to club so we can add them to website. 
-Announce AMSA meeting to nursing students and bio classes. 
-Bank account needs to be changed to a non-profit account, then the donator can have the money be tax deductible. 
-Make presentation on what a PA is and what they do.
-Remember to talk to peers to promote club. 
-E-mail everyone a list of all meeting dates. 
-Go to college of Natural Science Meetings or find someone who can. 
-BBQ possibly Sat sept. 18th at Zeeshans- announce at next meeting
-Next meeting in Rm. 352

Vice President (Tiffany):
-Organize: Oct 9th &10th AMSA pre-med conference.  $35 tickets or cheaper group rate.  Need to figure out at next general meeting how transportation will work and how many people will go. 
-Surgical internship at UC Davis: Check e-mail for details and present at next meeting. 
-At next meeting, take officer group picture, wear shirts. 

PR Website (Cole):
-Website is up and working.
-Get Facebook page running.
-Add meeting info to student announcements. 

Community Service (Jorge):
-Blood drive (Nov 10th wed) volunteers needed (about 20).  9am-5:30pm, 9-10 set up, 4-5:30 take down. 
-Jesus center and Shalom Clinic will be sending more info. 
-Get volunteers for Shalom Clinic fashion show.  

Treasurer (Telha):
-Get bank statements, balance account. 
-Possibly get pre-med credit card. 

Fellowship (Robert): 
-Has speaker set up for next week. 
-See if other doctors can come and talk, check list of old speakers for ideas. 
-Contact an optometrist,oral surgeon, or OBGYN.

Campus and Community Leader (Michael):
-New position. 
-Remember to take pics at meetings and events. 

CCI (Stephanie and Jake):
-Organize Natural Science basketball tournament, reserve spot through WREC (Oct 16th or 23rd). Talk to Kim Scott for booking. Only need supervisor and 2 scoreboards. 

Fundraising (Cecilia & Telha):
-Sponsorship letter needs to be revised.  Letter needs to be more personal.
-Possibly sell hot chocolate to make money. 

PR (Jamie):
-Help write sponsorship letter. Maybe add picture of the club in letter. 
-Get flyers stamped/put up for next meeting


Chico State Pre-Med Association
General Meeting Minutes 09/01/10


  1. Dr. Day  and Dr. Arnette introduced themselves.
  2. Zeeshan gave PP presentation on what the club is about and advice for new members.

Kaplan representative:

  1. Kaplan class could possibly be held at Chico if there was enough interest.
  2. You can contact her at or (530)513-1011
  3. The raffle winners can pick up their prizes at the next meeting.

Next Meeting:

  1. Maybe mention what some main thoughts were from new members regarding what they wanted to get out of the club and discuss how we can achieve that for them.
  2. Reminder that dues are $5 or $12 with a shirt

Officers Present:  All