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Mail Services is responsible for the daily delivery and outgoing of intra-campus and United States Postal Service mail of the campus community, excluding students, which is handled by University Housing and Food Services (website). Incoming USPS and intra-campus mail is sorted by department zip code and delivered to campus departments on their next regular mail route.

Outgoing USPS shipments no larger than the size of a mail tub will be picked up by Mail Services on your department's regular mail route. For outgoing packages larger than the size of a mail tub, please contact Shipping & Recieving to schedule a pick-up. Appropriate postage is applied, and the pieces are prepared for off-campus mailing in the afternoon each day. Mail Services and Shipping & Receiving will also fulfill other custom pick-ups to the best of our abilities given ample notice.

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How To Send USPS Mail

Outgoing USPS Mail is picked up by Mail Services daily from campus departments with designated mailstops.
(Please refer to our Mail Routes page for serviced locations)

Stamped Mail

Stamped Mail (for university business only) should be placed inside of the Mail Services provided mailbag with your applicable Mailbag Code on the outside. Stamped Mail should be separated from mail that needs to be metered by placing a rubber band around the mail piece.

Have personal mail that's stamped?
Please review our University Postal Policy for information and solutions.

Metered Mail
Image of mail bag

Approx. Size: 14" x 17"

Place outgoing USPS Mail that needs metered postage for university business inside of the Mail Services provided mailbag.

By placing outgoing USPS Mail inside of the mailbag, you help decrease processing time in the mailroom

Have more mail than your mailbag can hold? Click here for more information and service options!

Envelope Sealing
Image indicating what nesting looks like

Nested mail pieces

All mail should be orientated in the same direction and grouped by label orientation.

Any open flaps that you would like sealed by the Mail Services should be open and nested as shown (see left image).

International Mail

International mailings should be separated from domestic mailings by placing a rubber band around the mail piece.

Do not place international mailings in-between domestic mail pieces.

International mailings may require Customs Forms or other documents, which can be completed online at USPS.com. Please refer to USPS Customs Form Indicator Tool for help with these forms, or contact us directly, either by sending us an e-mail, or calling us at 530-898-5326.

Common Additional Services

If you require extra services besides those listed below,
please let Mail Services staff know which services you require

Image showing label 400

USPS Label 400

  • Label 400 - Tracking Number
    • Tracking for your mail piece at no extra cost
    • Please refer to our infographic for more information
Image showing Certified Mail piece

Certified Mail (PS Form 3800)

Image showing a Return Receipt

Return Receipt (PS Form 3811)

University Postal Policy

Mail Services would like to remind faculty and staff that State resources may not be used to ship or receive personal packages or mail.

For personal stamped mail, take your pieces to the Midtown Post Office or use the USPS.com – Find Locations tool to find the nearest Collection Box.

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