What's My Mailbag Code?

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A Mailbag Code is a specific series of letters and numbers that refer to a university account that has been authorized for postage and shipping charges. Primarily, these mailbag codes may be broken into two different categories depending on the source of the funds.

  • State Mailbag Codes - The mailbag code is funded by a state chartfield string and is typically a department's acronym followed by their campus zip code.
    • Ex. XXXX### = MAIL285
    • Some departments may have multiple mailbag codes authorized for postal use
    • Not sure of your mailbag code? Use this Insight Tool to look up your state mailbag by chart field string.
  • Foundation Mailbag Codes - The mailbag code is funded by a Foundation Account that has been authorized for postage and shipping charges. When mailing or shipping using a Foundation Account, an object code is not necessary.
    • Ex. FD#####

Example graphic of Mail Services barcodes

The Mailbag Code is also used on the billing reference lines for each carrier on the airbill or ship request, so that Mail Services can accurately charge back postal charges accrued by the university. Mail Services also uses barcodes to charge each Mailbag Code for USPS postage. You can find out more information on how we use barcodes on our Mail FAQs page.

Image of mail bag

Approx. Size: 14" x 17"

When in doubt, you can always ask Mail Services' staff what account codes are available to you. If you have any questions, or would like to find out more, simply e-mail Chris Mendoza and cc: vacant and just ask, "What's my Mailbag Code?"

Alternatively, Insight users can use this tool to search for their Mailbag Code by DeptID and it will provide the complete chartfield tied to a particular mailbag.

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