Mail Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get my Mail?

United States Postal Service mail

  • Mail Services staff picks up mail from the post office at the beginning of the workday and delivers the same day.
  • The Post Office delivers mail to Shipping & Receiving later in the day that includes mail requiring a signature by the recipient. Shipping & Receiving signs for and delivers the pieces that require a signature on the same business day. For more information, please visit the Shipping & Receiving website

Inter-campus mail

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How do I send mail across campus?

Photograph of intra-campus envelope

Size: 10.5" x 12"

To send mail across campus, via inter-campus mail, place the contents of your mail piece into an inter-campus mail envelope (pictured left) and put it in your department's outbox. Inter-campus mail is picked up and delivered by Mail Services personnel on their regular mail routes.

Gently-used inter-campus envelopes may also be requested from Mail Services, and will be delivered in your soonest upcoming delivery/pick-up time.  Please give us a call at 530-898-5326, or send us an e-mail request.

Too many inter-campus envelopes? Put them to good use by giving your extra inter-campus envelopes to Mail Services! The mailroom will use them for redistribution on campus, to fulfill inter-campus envelope requests, or, at bare minimum, recycle them properly if they are past their prime.

Simply bundle the extra inter-campus envelopes together with a rubber band and put them in your regular mail outbox. Mail Services will pick them up on your next regular delivery/pick-up time. You may also recycle rubber bands by sending them back to Mail Services in an inter-campus envelope marked MAIL285.

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How do I address incoming University Mail?

Mail-to Address Example*Ship-to Address Example

<Employee Name>
<Department Name>
400 W 1ST ST
CHICO CA 95929-<Campus ZIP>

<Employee Name>
<Department Name> <Campus ZIP>
940 W 1ST ST
CHICO CA 95929-1001
*Effective 03/14/2016

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How do I send outgoing USPS Mail?

For off-campus USPS mailing, please refer to our United States Postal Service page for more information.

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How do I address a package to my son/daughter who lives in University-owned housing?

Shipping and Receiving does not receive packages for students who live in University Residence halls. University Housing and Food Service is responsible for receiving and delivering student packages and mail.

Visit their website and contact them regarding address information:

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How do I ship using carriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.

To ship using one of our represented carriers, you will need to know your Mail Bag Code, obtain the appropriate shipping supplies required by each carrier, and meet the university's daily deadlines for carrier pick-up.

Find out more about shipping with Federal Express, United Parcel Service, and DHL Express by visiting our webpages detailing which information and shipping supplies you need:

Our Represented Carriers and Services

United States Postal Service logo FedEx logo UPS logo DHL Express logo
US Postal Service
& Inter-campus Mail
Federal Express
United Parcel
DHL Express  

Image of mail tub

Size: 18" x 13" x 11"

Each mailstop should have designated in/out box for mail. You can use the same in/out box for small packages and inter-campus envelopes. Small packages/envelopes that fit inside of a mail tub are picked up daily from campus departments on our mail routes. See the image to the left for dimension requirements.

Please review our Mail Routes page to find out the next normal delivery/pick-up times for your location.

Image of mail bag

Approx. Size: 14" x 17"

Stamped Mail (for university business only) should be placed inside of the Mail Services provided mailbag with your applicable Mailbag Code on the outside (see left image for example). Stamped Mail should be separated from mail that needs to be metered by placing a rubber band around the mail pieces.

Place any outgoing USPS Mail that needs metered postage for university business inside of the Mail Services provided mailbag. By placing outgoing USPS Mail inside of the mailbag, you help decrease processing time in the mailroom.

For inter-campus mail and small packages that cannot be placed in the mailbag, please refer to our guide above for sending inter-campus mail and our guide below for packages larger than the size of a mail tub.

Please see How to Send USPS Mail for more detailed USPS information.

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How do I send lots of mail that doesn't fit into my mailbag, or packages that don't fit in a mail tub?

For any large packages that do not fit in a mail tub, please contact Shipping & Receiving to schedule a pick-up. They will fulfill any requests received within 24 hours. As a general rule, any requests received before 12:00 p.m. will be picked up the same day.

If you have too many outgoing mail pieces to fit in your mailbag, please consider the following options:

Request Larger Mail Supplies

Image of small mail tray

If you have lots of mail pieces that need postage, simply contact Mail Services and we will happily provide you with larger mail containers.

Shown to left is a 1 foot long tray. These are best for lots of letters weighing about the same as each other.

You may click here, or the image above, to request this container.

Image of long mail tray

2 foot trays are also available, and are generally used for the same purpose. If you have lots of flats (letters above 3.5 oz.) or parcels that need to be sent out together, you may also request for a mail tub. (see above)

If you have envelopes that also need sealed, please be sure to "nest" the pieces together (see example)

You may click here, or the image above, to request this container.

Large Mailings for Mass Distribution

If you are planning a large mailing of over 200 identical pieces with many recipients, you may qualify for USPS Non-Profit Bulk Mail.

USPS Non-Profit Bulk Mail sends out large amounts of mail to all of your specified recipients for a discounted rate. While it is generally much cheaper than metering mail pieces individually, Bulk Mail requires proper planning and coordination with the departments of Print & Mail Services and Chico's Post Office.

Curious to see if you qualify for USPS Bulk Mail? Contact us and ask!

You may also find more information on Bulk Mail
by visiting Print Services' website.

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How do I get my incoming small packages/envelopes from carriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.?

If you are expecting a shipment from any of the above carriers, please refer to Shipping & Receiving's Guidelines page for delivery information.

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What happens if my incoming small packages/envelopes ARE time definite (e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd Day)?

If you are expecting a time definite or priority shipment, please refer to Shipping & Receiving's Guidelines page for delivery information.

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How is the barcode on the mailbag used?

Example graphic of Mail Services barcodes

This barcode is generated by Mail Services and is scanned into our postage meters to capture the Mailbag Code, or chargeback account, for your postage costs. Transactions that require metered postage use the barcode to increase efficiency and reduce manual entry errors. Click here to find out more about Mailbag Codes.

Are you a state-funded department and are not sure of your mailbag code? Use this Insight Tool to look up your state mailbag by chart field string.

If you have an active Mailbag account with Mail Services and Accounting Operations, you can request new barcode cards here. Following validation, your barcodes are delivered during your next regular mail service.

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What are the delivery & pick-up times?

University Mail Services provides daily service to over one hundred (100) designated mailstops. To find a mailstop near you or find out the time of your department's service, please refer to our Mail Routes page.

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Are free shipping and mailing supplies available?

University Mail Services stocks free supplies from the following carriers: DHL Express, Federal Express (FedEx), United Parcel Service (UPS), and the United States Postal Service. Supplies such as boxes, envelopes, tubes, packs, etc. are available for campus use and will be delivered to your department. You may request supplies by phone (ext. 5326), e-mail, or by using the "Click-to-Order Supplies" module below or, you may come to Siskiyou Hall, Room 118 to pick-up stocked shipping supplies. 

Click-to-Order Supplies

Link to ordering stamps
Link to ordering FedEx Supplies
Link to ordering DHL supplies
Link to ordering USPS supplies

University Mail Services will order any of the free supplies that are available from each carriers' website if we do not have what you need in stock.

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How does my department get billed for postage and shipping?

USPS postage charges:

  • Each piece of mail is metered with postage in the Mailroom and a transactional record is created.
  • Transactional records are directly recorded, using a network connection, into a database.
  • The transactions are exported out of the database and submitted to Accounting Operations at the end of the period
    • Accounting Operations associates the mailbag charges to chartfield strings/projects/etc. and transfers the data into an Insight State Mail Report (link)

Other Carrier shipping charges:

  • Mail Services uses the Airbills and End of Day reports to reconcile charges as invoices are received.
    • Transactions are recorded manually in a database by the University Mail personnel.
    • Completed invoices are forwarded to Accounts Payable for processing
  • Manual entry transactions are exported out of the database and submitted to Accounting Operations at the end of the period.
    • Accounting Operations associates the charges from Mailbag Codes to chartfield strings/projects/etc. and transfers the data into an Insight State Mail Report (link)

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What are the cut-off times?

Mail Services regular routes and services are designed to meet the university's scheduled pick-up times designated by each carrier. Please refer to our list of deadlines here to ensure your shipment is on the road when you need it to be.

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How do I ship items that may be deemed hazardous?

Small image of Dangerous Goods flyer If you are planning to ship or receive items that may be deemed hazardous, please contact Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) and we will work together to get your items delivered safely. For more information on Hazardous Materials, refer to the EHS Hazardous Materials website.

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