Executive Memoranda 1979

EM #DateTitle
79-001January 09, 1979Student Assistant/Work-Study Personnel Policies and Procedures; Supersedes EM 77-010
79-002January 18, 1979Computer Center Advisory Board Policy; Supersedes EM 78-004/Superseded by EM 89-004
79-003January 22, 1979Development of Privately-Funded Campus Projects; Superseded by EM 79-020
79-004February 27, 1979Academic Calendars 1979-80, 1980-81
79-005March 23, 1979Faculty Recognition and Support Committee; Superseded by EM 84-011
79-006April 20, 1979University Goals Statement
79-007April 24, 1979University Loans Program; Supersedes EM 75-014/Superseded by EM 95-021
79-008May 07, 1979Revision of Academic Calendar - Due Date for Turning in Grades
79-009May 07, 1979Guidelines for Remedial Courses
79-010May 09, 1979Selection and Review of Academic Deans; Supersedes Em 77-012/Superseded by EM 81-008
79-011May 10, 1979Appointment of Department Chairs; Supersedes EM 78-007
79-012May 11, 1979Executive Officer Selection and Review Committee; Supersedes EM 78-002/Superseded by EM 81-002
79-013May 22, 1979Student Involvement in Campus Programs Supported by the Student Services Fee; Superseded by EM 81-012
79-014May 30, 1979Access Regulations Governing Activities of Employee Relations Organizations; Supersedes EM 77-017
79-015June 01, 1979Procedures for Layoff of Academic Rank Employees
79-016June 01, 1979Procedures for Layoff of Administrative, Academic-Closely-Related, and Non-academic Employees
79-017February 22, 1983University Resource Advisory Committee; Amended 6/1/79
79-017 AmendedJune 01, 1979University Resource Advisory Committee; Amendment to EM 79-017
79-018June 05, 1979University Public Safety Advisory Committee; Amended by EM 89-007
79-019August 28, 1979Faculty Personnel Policies and Procedures; Supersedes EM 78-013; Revised 08/26/80
79-019 RevisedAugust 26, 1980Faculty Personnel Policies and Procedures (Revised); Amended by 79-025
79-020September 10, 1979Development of Externally Funded Campus Projects; Supersedes EM 79-003
79-021October 09, 1979Advising Policy Document; Supersedes EM 75-020
79-022October 15, 1979University Affirmative Action Coordinating Committee
79-023October 17, 1979Amendments to the Constitution of the Faculty Senate
79-024November 16, 1979Policy and Procedures for the Use of University Facilities; Replaces EM 77-011; Amended by EM 82-003
79-025November 30, 1979University Personnel Committee - Amendments to EM 78-019, and Faculty Personnel Policies and Procedures - Amendments to EM 79-019; Amended by EM 80-001